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I live in The Netherlands and I'm crazy about flowers!
Unfortunately i have a very little garden, which forces me to be selective in the plants i grow and be creative with space. It goes out of control from time to time though :-).
When my husband complaints about not having enough space in our little patio, i know i have indulged a bit too much.
I think my big love for gardening is genetic. Serious, there is allways been somebody who is completely nuts about flowers in de family. My grandma could make anything grow and bloom. Her garden looked like a tropical paradise!
I like perennials a lot but they don't do so wel in my garden due to lack of light and there is something about the ground type. I'm almost sure is very alcaline. Peonies, for instance won't flower here, in spite of what i try.
What i do to cope with this and the lack of space is to grow a lot of plants in pots. The potground is not too acid or basic (i guess) and almost everything grows there.
So i grow lillies and many other bulbs like amaryllis, crinium, naked ladies (A. Belladonna) . Also roses, which i'm crazy about :-) and so on.
And i'm also growing orchids indoors. And everything between :-).
Hope to make a lot of friends here and have fun exchanging thoughts about our common passion for gardening!

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