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weird happenings


By irene24


Just wanted to know what you think of this?
2weeks ago my son came for easter sunday dinner he made the pond out back so he wanted to see how the fish were doing all the fish are still alive ,pond filled to the top with water but alot of green floating about in there so 2 days later off I went to clean it out and what do you know THE POND IS EMPTY ,I mean no fish no water just dry green stuff ,Im thinking weird but might have a leak in the liner so filled it back up and guess what the pond is still full of water
Nearly 3 weeks after , so how come the water just disapeared in 2 days but now is still full .Aliens ?…….

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How big is the pond - could the animals have drunk it all?

16 Apr, 2013


Well, I can rule out evaporation due to the heat!!!

16 Apr, 2013


Pond size is 6 foot x6foot and 2foot deep only about 6 gold fish in there at the time,fish cant drink that much nor can the dogs lol

16 Apr, 2013


A pin sized hole can get filled with clay mud ?

17 Apr, 2013


It would have been a slow leak Diane ( although I can think of nothing else) surely the lowering water level would have been noticed.....?.and a cat or heron after the fish?

17 Apr, 2013


can the deer and foxes get in to your garden? but sounds like a leak to me, somewhere that you have not found and it has sealed over for the time being is it a liner or prefabricated pond?

17 Apr, 2013


Another idea, were the fish these large Koi Carp as there has been a spate of people stealing these they could have emptied the pond it wouldn't take long with a syphon for them to get to the fish.

17 Apr, 2013


I think its a leak thats pluged up as it a pond liner we did have 3 carp in the pond last year but they were taken by herrin ,so the pond has been coverd by mesh

17 Apr, 2013


My pond used to be a liner but the dog kept puncturing it and I was for ever filling it up. lol so I decided to go for a preformed one and it has been ok since. Hope you get it sorted.

17 Apr, 2013


Oh dear Irene thats not good, a few years back our bottom pond kept emptying, as that one is only a liner we naturally thought it had sprung a leak, however when we lifted the slabs from around the edge we found the roots from the weeping willow had grown under the slabs and had worked their way between the liner and the slabs down into the water and therefore drinking the pond dry, luckily that one is our wildlife pond, no fish in that one, with the help of my daughter I was able to dig down to the roots and pruned them back hard, the liner is still the same one and I make sure the tree is root pruned every year, it has never dried up since....

19 Apr, 2013

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