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Frost Attacked Cordyline


As other members, my 6ft Cordyline australis suffered very badly from frost this last winter. It has three branches at the top and all the leaves on each top has died. I have just noticed many small shoots sprouting lower down the trunk. What should I do? Should I just leave the tree for nature to take its own course, should I saw off the top branches or lower down above the new shoots. Can any one help please?


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hey mine wasnt that big , but i to got small shoots growing, hope you get some replys cos i dont know what to do as well, i only just got into gardening, an loving it, this site is brill ,sorry i havent the answer for you :o)

29 Jun, 2010


Saw everything down to just above the new shoots. You will find answers to similar queries on the Cordylines page on GOYpedia. :-)

30 Jun, 2010


thanks david :o)

30 Jun, 2010


You're most welcome! To make info search easier, have featured your query on the cordylines page. you will now see, to the right of your question, "Featured on,,,Cordylines". Click on this to go straight to the page I mentioned above. Good Luck with saving yours! :-)

2 Jul, 2010


Hi David, many thanks for your entries on Cordylines. It has give me confidence to deal with the situation. Also thank you for adding the Cordyline page. It is my first time for having to deal with this sort of gardening problem, being a tree. Also first time on 'blogging', it is a very useful way of solving solutions and helping others.
Thank you once again for your help David.


2 Jul, 2010

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