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Hi we have been away for a month one thing and another. but the news is we have foxes she a vixen we think has been hanging around since the Shoreham air show.
During the show we had a garden full of guests to watch the display and she took to hiding in our neighbours tree on top of the shed.
We like to see her and she looks like a lovely creature but are worried about our grand children playing in the garden.

1) the fox could attack if it got hungry or frightened enough.
2) the faeces and the germs that they carry.
we would like to get rid of the fox but not harm it.

The other thing is that our neighbour feed the fox and last summer we had quails and the fox had the lot. so we have not been able to keep live stock because of the foxes in the area.
Through friends In the area of about 8-10 streets I know of 4 foxes that are around and as the weather turns cold you see more of them.
However they are bold as brass and do not seem to be worried about humans and wander about in broad day light.
what should we do?

The bats were about last night we were so pleased to see them as its been a while. nice clear warm evening here so that is probably why they were out.

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Foxes are wild and beautiful animals, but the problem with them is of our own making. Never feed them, under no circumstances encourage them into your garden with children around.

For more information look at

2 Sep, 2011


Thanks Grannyb
we are aware but our neighbours seems oblivious to them being a danger.

3 Sep, 2011


Neighbours are a real pain in the ass. Ours feed the deer all sorts of rubbish, it's not good for them to become too tame.

maybe you could get the council/RSPCA to send someone to speak to them and point out the dangers of feeding urban foxes.

3 Sep, 2011

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