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A lot of work.


As a child I often listened, that relationships are like garden. You have to take care for it daily, weed the garden, mow, irrigate and fertilise (ah, no double sense!), trim and mulch. If you do not care, the garden will be as it wants to be.
After three weeks in spa I went to check the garden. No irrigation, no fertilisation, no mowing, no cutting, no trimming for three weeks. But a lot of juicy fruits. You will know them by their fruits…I think this part of Bible must have been written by gardener. Gardener modified the Bible which was initially written in “eye for eye” style.

Well, let´s return to the core of the topic. My mulberry tree is recordman this year, as since the end of May it has brought hundreds of very sweet and heavy fruits. I picked some before leaving to spa and yesterday I had – really – a royal dinner under this very precious tree. Will bring some health related info about it later. Now I would like just to document. And this is my lemon tree – I counted seven fruits ;-)

Ficus carica has about dozen fruits on it, but it is very young tree, it is about three years in my garden.

Sweet chestnut. Has got a partner last year, so I hope this year the chestnuts won´t be empty.

Part of Japan corner. Will need some care now. Weeding and some more gravels to add. Then the candle can be switched on.

Hydrangea serrata Preziosa. Klahanie wanted to see how many flowers has my bush, so here it is…

with a detail. To be honest, it is long flowering bush, but flowers and leaves are not so beautiful as have for instance classic macrophylla or H. serrata. This bush is the most beautiful in September, when its leaves turn red and flowers turn more deep pink.

Balcony is almost very good. Plants are healthy and will bloom for the whole summer. The rose on the right was almost dead in April, but seems it was resurrected once more.

Ach, Noris. He is curious on everything.

Hydrangea Anabelle has flowers like balls.

Abraham Darby rose.

My garden brings me the peace which life didn´t often give. It is a bay for an old ship. It is beautiful as this song
(I am Enya´s fan).
But still, I dream to see so much The Bible Garden in a north of Sydney. And spend holidays on its beach….ach, wake up Katarina!!! You cannot have everything.

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Your garden is very beautiful Katarina, your hydrangeas and roses are superb!

I agree that gardens are hard work, constant care must be taken, especially in this hot weather, or so many plants will wilt and die. I've got to be constantly alert for the weeds from neighbours to attack my own plants, and daily care is essential or it will all turn to jungle very soon!

13 Jul, 2013


Nice to know your garden was cared for by good weather whilst you were away. At the moment in England we
cannot leave ours for 24 hours, water, water, water !

13 Jul, 2013


It all looks beautiful, Katarina. We seem to be having a very good year for roses. Some of mine which have been very shy for years are flowering their hearts out :-)

13 Jul, 2013


Thank you, Louisa and DB. Melchi, yes, this year is fruitful in many ways. Roses do not like daily rains, so if you do not have them day by day, they grow very good.

13 Jul, 2013


I really enjoy seeing Noris he gets more cute in each photo.

13 Jul, 2013


;-) He was soo happy today. He met lot of friends, even charming lady-foreigner from Austria, which ignored him with dignity and he played in a large park in the capital. We were at the vet.

13 Jul, 2013


I have to spell the V E T word or my cat runs off if he hears it.

13 Jul, 2013


Yes, lol. It was strange. Many dogs at the vet´s waiting room looked scared, or anxious, some were aggressive towards others, but - as one lady there said - for Noris it was a social event. They said that he probably doesn´´ t have bad experience with the vet. I do not know, as each time we go there he gets injections and they measure his temperature per rectum. But he is intelligent boy, I think. He knows, it is must. ;-)
And thank you very much for liking him. I like him too, so much.

14 Jul, 2013


I have really enjoyed seeing your haven, the garden is lovely. Glad you had a good time in the spa.

14 Jul, 2013

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