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64, living in South London, interested in Mediterranean and Japanese style gardens and gardening. I have a small walled garden , which is heavily planted, my friends call it the "Buddha Garden" because it contains a number of Buddhist statues and carvings. The house is in a terrace of large houses, but because of the height of a Bay, Fig and Loquat trees it is a relatively secret garden as only a very small part is overlooked and I am working on this . There is small Japanese garden to the side of the house.

I am the treasurer of a local allotment society and have two five rod allotments in which I grow a variety of vegetables, which takes the overspill from the garden and any other hardy exotic I can find. I have a banana in the allotment societies polytunnel which has flowered this year and have had great success with Echiums in the open ground.

Incidentally Kyudoka is misspelled but I have no idea how to change it ! The name reflects my interest and past practice of Kyudo, Japanese archery and Japanese style and design.

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