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well we made it but still thing all over eny iders were to put thing tidy lol i seam to unpack cloaths and thy just pile up no more room in the drobe and as for orther thing like my prezies iv had bought like toiletrys and allsorts i dont no were to put them theres loads the bath room is so small u cant move eny iders would be grate full of couse i could stand them all on my headf loll my garden is lookinh better but its not so good asd my other house but i havent had the time the dog and cats r settled in but thy scaired of this other cat thats fighting with them well we put some chicken wire round garden to stop dog getting out and that darn cat getting in it been quite for a while as i dont think the other cat noes wast hit him lolol we evan bought a toy water pistal for wen it comes again loll oh well get back to it but were do i put things ? byeee for nowxxxxx

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You maybe need to look on the internet at storage solutions,
our bathroom is very small so oh took the side of the bath off, fixed plastic mirror sliding doors,. Now all the shampoos etc go in trays under the bath

1 Jul, 2012


I'm sure you'll get it sorted out in time. There's still some stuff here waiting to be sorted out after moving 6 years ago lol :D in the attick ... out of sight out of mind :o)

2 Jul, 2012


thank u all xxx

3 Jul, 2012

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