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Mud to grub - some green emerges!


By lollyxx

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Well today I have transplanted cabbages (3 types) cauliflowers, broccoli, and some lettuce into their final beds.. I will admit to cheating and buying from a garden centre (a local organic one!) as the cat decided to attack the seedlings which were growing nicely on my windowsill!

It looks good to have some green among all the bare earth!! I have netted them to detract some pests and will mulch the bottom wi8th straw to keep slugs away! Speaking of which I got speaking to the owners of our local children’s play farm about it all today – and they gave me a bin bag ful of hay and straw to help me out! Bonus!

I have also dug over a small amount of a bed to put in the raspberry canes (3 main crop and 3 autumn) so they are at least in the ground while we go away next week…. I’d rather this than them be stuck in pots!!!

So all in all things are coming along nicely… have taken some more pictures but not yet uploaded them… will do that tomorrow! I am going away for 10days on sat so will be interesting to see what has happened down there when we get back!

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Know what you mean, Lolly.
Hope you have a good time while you are away.

18 Apr, 2008

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