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From mud to grub


By lollyxx


Well…. we are now 3 weeks in…

Today we have been down and put in a garden store – very basic one from lidl, a compost bin we had spare from our own garden and have continued to dig over the left hand bed. The right hand one is still a work in progress!

Whilst my husband was digging over the last bit of the left hand side, I planted my main crop potatoes (we went fo desiree), along with my onion sets, even though we’re a little late on those.. and I also planted my gladioli and dahlia bulbs along the first front part of the left bed. I don’t just want my allotment to be about veg and fruit, I want to be able to take the children down there to cut some of the flowers we’ve grown to take home and have in the house. flowers I think will help to keep the children’s enthusiasm for the allotment as you can really see the development!

As far as how the crops we’ve already planted goes, the bad news is that the pak choi and mangetout seem to have been affected by the frosts we’ve had that caught me out. However, the good news is that the sweet peas are doing fantastically and I have had to add strings to my canes to help support them! Also our garlic is doing really well, planted last week and already most of them are a good 2cm above the ground! I’m really pleased! At least we’ll have flowers and garlic if nothing else!!!!!

One problem we’re having is the weeds, even when we think we’ve dug them up they seem to keep coming back, and generally where I’ve planted something which is typical!! Hey ho! We’ll keep getting them out!

I will upload some pictures soon too!!!

Laura xxx

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There is an old garden quote - One years seeding, seven years weeding, if the allotment had been neglected before you.there will be a lot of seeds in the ground, invest in a good stainless steel sharp hoe easiest way to get rid of the weeds between rows, also if you hoe before a sharp frost you will kill off snails eggs and similar pests exposed to the frosts.

12 Apr, 2008


Fab thanks for the tip... will do!

12 Apr, 2008


Sounds like it's not all work, but good outdoor fun for the whole family,too!

13 Apr, 2008

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