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A Sad Christmas Recollection


First and foremost a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All! Now for the 😥 recollection….I am a bit sad because I miss something that has disappeared completely in recent years and the photos of the real Christmas trees posted by the members reminded me of it. What was it? It was the heavenly sweet pungent pine smell of Christmas that permeated the room that the Christmas tree was in. As a child I would come in from the cold and that tree would dazzle my eyes with its colours, give me WARMTH with its lights and embrace me with the scent that meant happiness, expectation and yet security and contentment which was the greatest gift of all given to me by my mother and father. Yes I have missed that Yuletide smell for many years now… Why? …its those darn low voltage Christmas tree lights they sell these days! The younger members don’t know so I will tell you that back in the old days the lights were bigger and-here is the key – HOTTER… the blue lights were the hottest. They were all so hot that those terpenes in the resin were literally boiling off the branches causing their scent to permeate throughout the room and whafft through most of the house.
They also quickly dried out the tree and caused a potential fire hazard so I do understand the advantage of the low voltage and now the led lights which I admit are more intense in colour. Still, I do yearn for some things then existant but which will never be now.

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I so agree about the smell of Christmas. I remember touching the lights and finding them rather warm!

Happy Christmas 2021 and hope 2022 is better than the last one.

25 Dec, 2021


Interesting blog, Loosestrife. Thank you for the memories too. You can’t beat that wonderful pine smell from a real tree….I had a friend who I trained with - she would always say she could smell Christmas coming in November.
Best wishes to you and good health for the New Year x

25 Dec, 2021


Its true, the tree used to smell lovely. But you can still get real trees, even if they don't have the same kind of lights. And once I went to a gathering of our madrigal group at a member's house and the tree there had actual candles - how's that for nostalgia?
Thank you for your post, it stirred many memories!

25 Dec, 2021


I remember the big lights, I've still got the colourful shades that were on them.
I don't remember that smell though, we always had an artificial tree even back in the 50s.

26 Dec, 2021


Thank you all! Would you believe it... the valentines days items are already stocked on the store shelves already. I have always been tempted to set up a tree with candles but never did due to my fear of a mishap which would cause a fire. Next Christmas I will set up a second tree outdoors with candles lighted on a calm night with my grandchildren and great grandchildren to light them and to sing a few Christmas songs if I can get them away from their playing with their iPads long enough to do so. Im sorry that I did not think of doing that long ago. My father always bought the tree the night before Christmas because the remaining ones were by then inexpensive not so attractive leftovers. It was great fun to decorate the tree that Christmas Eve night so heavily especially with tinsel and garland to cover over any defects. The tree and the smell of Christmas lasted all week long to a few days after New Years. The tree being gone.... After that, on most nights, the smell of either boiled cabbage, garlic or worst of all, cooked kidneys with onions became the smell of home upon my return from a day at school.🤭

26 Dec, 2021


I find it frustrating, having Christmas stuff on the shelves in September!!! I like to think of Halloween, Guy Fawkes and my birthday before then!!!
I think your plan to have a Christmas tree outside with the candles all lit up sounds just perfect…a really feel good traditional sight. Your family will love it.
I have to agree, Loosestrife - the smell of Christmas tree pine definitely trumps cooked kidneys or boiled cabbage! 😉

26 Dec, 2021


Boiled cabbage is reminiscent of school corridors. Burning pine is definitely much better!

27 Dec, 2021


Best wishes for the New Year Loosestrife!
It would be a much better idea to have the christmas tree outdoors with candles, unless of course the wind blew them out!
Thanks for the memories!

30 Dec, 2021

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