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Improving my border soil!


By louby


I have been determined recently to dig up vacant sections of border and dig deep as goodness knows what those pesky builders, etc have put in there years ago – there’s red bricks, chunks of concrete and stones!! I dig about 2 foot down and then prod holes a bit further with a long metal prod to give drainage. No wander some of my Clematis and plants had no chance before! I only noticed the dire quality after planting a Miniature Weeping Willow in the corner of the garden. Now I’m on a mission to do section by section!!! The soil is great and dark though.

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Well it sounds as though you have your work cut out. You could save all the rubbish as hardcore for a path or something! Still, as you'll have good rich soil when you've finished it will all be worth it in the long run.

8 May, 2012


I've gone threw the same thing in the last couple of years, except mine was/is heavy clay. It is hard work but well worth the effort, my planting definitely benefited from it.

8 May, 2012


Well done Lou it will be worth it in the end how has work been I shall be in tomorrow but I did have a good day yesterday had to go and get another passion flower but the lady at Cherry Tree said because of the weather weird stuff is happening with all the plants this year! See you in the morning x

9 May, 2012


Hi Bill-d - the 2 Montana's that are starting to grow on the end trellis are new - only about 2 years old. Plenty of Miracle Gro seems to be helping!! I got them as I was so impressed with the big one that we inherited with the house! I think this year's mass of Clematis flowers may be because when last years flowers had died...........
I went and dead headed every flipping one!!!!

Hi Steragram - yes once I get out and start a hole and manage to eventually get a piece of concrete say the size of a tennis ball - it feels good!!! Peace of mind once its done that that area is good soil for the future.

Hi Nana-d - glad you have got some Gardening done. I will see you tomorrow. Passion flowers are great - except in hard frosts like I discovered! Protect 'em in Winter!!!

9 May, 2012


It will be job well done with digging that deep Lou and let us know if you find a treasure worth keeping, lol, hope your plants do well after all your hard work....

10 May, 2012

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