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Hey All,

Well my seedlings that came free with Amateur Gardening magazine are sprouting and keeping me excited, but I have bad news – my propagating didn’t work. I have just today read an article in Amateur Gardening that you should only tip the cutting in hormone gel, I dunked mine in covering the end of the cutting up to about a centimetre. I thought it was the more the better. I also didn’t use a pencil to create my hole in the soil, so all in all, not good. Fungus came and the cuttings looked dead – no sign of life whatsoever! :-(

I’m going to try again so we’ll see – any other advice, no matter how basic, I need it all please people!

College work continues so time is very limited to say the least. I have got lots of pictures of the garden, but they take so long to upload – you have to do three at a time don’t you. So I may wait till after my course finishes to upload them. I’ll upload a few in a minute actually.

Where do you all buy your gardening stock/equipment online? I have been using B&Q, but they haven’t got the selection I would like and it isn’t very well set out, so I’m hunting around and I’d prefer a site that is dedicated to gardening, and preferably one I can collect points on (redeemable points?!)

Ok, I’ll get picture organising, then more college work before Guy returns.
Hope everyone is well. My azaleas have not enjoyed the hot weekend one bit. I watered them last night, but poor things don’t look good. Just hope I will see them flower again in years to come (after successful plant transplant!!!!)

Lucy. xxxx

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Hi Lucy. Gardening on line is tricky to get plants in the condition you would like them!! I did a blog about B&Q i wont go there again, there over priced.
With your cuttings and hormone gel (try using powder next time i find it easier) you need to tap the surplus of the end of the cutting before putting it in the soil. Being nosey now, what course are you doing?

24 May, 2010


I've written a blog about some of the best online nurseries :-)

24 May, 2010


AW thanks Louise I'll have to have a look as well!!!

24 May, 2010


Hi Lt. If you buy rooting powder in the yellow pot with the green spiked lid the lid itself can be used as a dibber so you wouldn't forget. Saying that I have some shrub cuttings I took last year and just shoved into a pot and they have taken. Good luck with the next lot :~))

24 May, 2010


Thanks for all the comments. So when I've got cuttings, I generally put a clear poly bag round the top to keep up the temp...Do I then keep them out of direct sunlight? Help!

I'm doing a fast track Beauty Course - I took redundancy in January from Siemens where I worked as Project Coordinator. Was great, but pulled me away from home too much. I am already a trained masseuse - did that last year at weekends whilst working for Siemens and I wanted to do something else so that I could be a Beauty Therapist from home. Waxing is a fave as is Manicure and Pedicure. I'm not enjoying the facials class too much I have to say. It's easy, it's very relaxing and it keeps me at home with Guy (and the cats and hopefully some babies some time soon!)


(Was that too much information, it was, wasn't it!)

25 May, 2010


Just been guilty of that myself Luby, and yes Id keep them out of direct sunlight, other wise thwy will wilt quickly and die

25 May, 2010

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