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A picture i took at Shrewsbury Flower Show:

While I have been at different shows I have noticed some people touching displays. This person at Shrewsbury I stood and watched, he walked around most of the hanging basket entries and rooted around in the basket until he pulled out the card to see who’s entry it was. I happened to have my camera in my hand at the time as i had just been taking pictures of the baskets.
With a display of flowers, when someone touches the blooms it bruises them, some flowers are more delicate than others, but i’m sure they all bruise – not straight away, but after a while they go brown where they are bruised.
When the flowers have been bruised, it always seems a shame for any other people coming to see the exhibit, it’s not as good as it would have been, obviously, if there wasn’t bruising. Also after rooting around it will have moved how the exhibitor had put his display to the best effect.
Maybe some people don’t realise they are spoiling the display, i don’t know.
Perhaps there should be something to discourage people from touching the exhibits.
I know, from experience, that when you have taken time to grow the plants, and to put up a display – trying to get everything positioned just right to be looking at it’s best – only to have someone move it / bruise the blooms / or put another exhibit in front of yours – it can be very frustrating, when you consider you have spent all season growing the plant’s and transporting them to the show, and the time it’s taken at the show to get your exhibit just so – only to have someone spoil it – it does make you wonder if it’s all worth while sometimes!

I took a picture of this truck. This one doesn’t look too bad here, but these are dangerous. I see them at all the shows. They are fine when there aren’t too many people about, but when it gets crowded, people stop to talk, or look at the displays with these trucks sticking out behind them – other people are trying to get past with these trucks in the way – someone is going to trip over one as they are quite low down, and with crowds of people you are not always looking down as you are walking. If someone did trip over one in a tightly packed area they could easily be trod on – there could be a nasty accident.
And, of course, they are a pest to anyone trying to get past.
Now i must stop moaning, as i do love going to the shows – both as a visitor and as an exhibitor!

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Why was the card inside the basket? Perhaps organisers ought to label them more clearly to discourage this happening? I would not dream of touching exhibts its commonsence/consideration really.

28 Sep, 2009


I understand how annoying it must be for you to have it ruined.

In the culprits defence though, perhaps he was so impressed with what he saw he wanted to see who was behind the beautiful exhibit.
I know that 'i' might have done exactly the same thing, it's innocent ignorance Mark.

Why don't you write out large cards that say "Please Do Not Touch" and attach them to the exhibits so that it makes us stop in our tracks aswell, make the card showing whose entry it was bigger and clearer.

28 Sep, 2009


I don't know, to be honest - i have never showed a basket. On the show bench the card would be visible. Perhaps the display card would be better attached to the chain of the basket, although it might be a bit high up then. Maybe tied under the basket.
I'm sure most people wouldn't touch them, but it only takes one to spoil an exhibit.
The cards are provided by the show organisers. The bigger display stands do have a bit more room to put a "please do not touch the display" but individual plants would be overwhelmed by too many signs, it's probably the same for the exhibitors showing individual baskets.

28 Sep, 2009


In total agreement,it is daft to place cards where they cant be seen. As to the little trucks,having one of these encourages people to spend more money due to the ease with which one can transport ones purchases so I guess they are here to stay Mark.Hope you enjoyed yourself anyway...........

28 Sep, 2009


I'm sure they are here to stay, and very handy too. I would just hate to see someone fall over one though - i have come close myself once, but realised it was there - just in time.

28 Sep, 2009


Two of my gripes as well, Mark. Those bl**dy buggies, they can be lethal, you want to see them at Gardening Scotland! Touching any exhibit is a complete no-no but peole are so drawn to do it. We should exhibit more prickly plants!

28 Sep, 2009


There should be a large sign before entering do not touch the displays thats the only prevention.

21 Jan, 2011


Some of the exhibitors with a stand do have signs on their stands. (They have a bit more room to put them).
When the exhibitor only has a basket, or other individual entry there is nowhere they could really put one.
The organisers of the show really ought to put some signs up, inform them that they could spoil the display by touching. Perhaps some people don't realise they could well be spoiling the display for other visitors to the show and that they could be destroying the hard work of the exhibitor.

22 Jan, 2011


You should suggest it Mark to the people who run it all the judges maybe.

22 Jan, 2011


Complaint are best addressed to the Show Secretary at any of this type of event.

22 Jan, 2011


I think i will write to the show secretary.
I remember at the show, looking in disbelief at the person going round rooting through the baskets. It's really not on. I know that sometimes people just touch, which can bruise the blooms which also needs to be discouraged, but this person was roughly rooting in the baskets, not just touching - He must have known it would cause damage. I have since wondered if it was another exhibitor trying to spoil the other exhibits if he didn't win, I don't see why a visitor to the show would want to damage the displays. He must have been pretty thick if he didn't know that he would damage the baskets the way he was rooting in them.

22 Jan, 2011

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