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I just thought i would write a blog as my Begonias are now well on their way to having gone down, some have lost their stems, and some are still in the process.
I have started to take them out of the pots now, placing them on the bench (with plastic compost bags on the bench underneath them).
I will let them dry out now. Once i have them all out of their pots i will start to work through them again, knocking off the compost, and eventually using the brush to get down to the tuber. As they come out of the pots there should be more room, and i will be able to shut down one of the greenhouses, that should save a bit of electric.
I guess it will be time to start them off in the propagators again before i know where i am – I shall look forward to that!
I have recently heard from Margaret Watson at Bellcross nurseries (Begonia specialists) and it is looking hopeful that i may be able to purchase “Icemint” the new Begonia that i tried to get last year, but didn’t even have my order acknowledged. I have ordered a few other Begonias from various sources.
The greenhouse that i had left at 52F with the 2009 cuttings and rex plants in has now been turned down to 40F, as the cuttings leaves were starting to turn yellow. They can go down too now, with the main plants.
Oh i’ve just noticed i need to choose what the blog is about. Is it gardening? These are potted plants in the greenhouse – but i suppose it’s more gardening than wildelife or pets. If it’s wrong someone will have to let me know. I do hope it’s not going to get too complicated to use!

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no i think as it is about your plants its a gardening one.It shouldnt cause any problems.
My greenhouse with my 3 begonia aromantics tubers is sitting at a very chilly -3 C. So i suspect I will have lost them. Oh well never mind.

23 Dec, 2009


Great info on the care of Begonias thank you.

Well as far as I am conserned pets and wildlife are part of gardening. It's all the same thing to me.

23 Dec, 2009


Definitely gardening in my book Mark. A great gardening blog it is to. I hope you and all your family have a lovely Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year for 2010.

23 Dec, 2009


I think thats a great gardening blog Mark, so much to know. I have never grown Begonias but thought I might try some next year in containers.

23 Dec, 2009


thanks for info and all the best for xmas.

23 Dec, 2009


These are the double tuberous Begonias that i grow for showing. The garden ones may be more hardy, i don't know as i have never grown them myself.
The Rex obviously stay in their pots - I believe that they are supposed to be kept at a warmer temperature through the winter, but once the cutting tubers are going down i lower the temperature for them and the Rex have to get on with it. They seemed ok last year, they did look a bit worse for it, but once the greenhouse was turned up again they seemed to recover well.
Hope everyone else has a happy Christmas and new year, hard to believe that it's Christmas eve tomorrow - already!

24 Dec, 2009


Well it's Xmas Eve here already Mark ... and it's a warm one! Sounds like you've got all your beauties tucked in for the winter sleep! Will be looking forward to seeing your 'Icemint' when it's blooming. Stay snug and warm and have a great Christmas.

24 Dec, 2009


Wow, i've just looked at the clock - it is, just, Christmas eve here too now. How quick time goes sometimes, i hadn't noticed quite how late it was!

24 Dec, 2009


This whole year seems to have flown by ... 2010 here we come!

24 Dec, 2009

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