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Having seen last week’s GW programme was shocked to hear about Carol Klien’s illness and having to have major surgery. I’m sure we all wish her a rapid recovery and return to GW.

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That's a shock, I hope the surgery and any treatment will be beneficial and that she'll make a total recovery.
She seems a positive person and spends her life in the garden and with nature so that will help.

6 May, 2024


I do agree Hywel...she does come across as a very positive person which will help her I'm sure.

7 May, 2024


Didn't Rachel de Tame have the same thing a few years ago ? She seems to be all right now though (although not sure of any details) and I've seen her on GW several times.

7 May, 2024


Yes,you're correct Hywel.Rachel is very much around now presenting and probably will at Chelsea again.

7 May, 2024


I was also upset to hear the news about Carol, I hope she makes a full recovery, such a lovely lady. i did hear she was looking forward to Chelsea. I wish her all the best also.

7 May, 2024


Agree with you Callie ,happens to the wrong people .Her one hour seasonal programmes are so helpful.

7 May, 2024


Oh No !!!.... Carol is my favorite out of all the lady gardeners, I hope both surgery and any ongoing treatment goes well for her and she is soon back in her lovely garden and also with us.....

8 May, 2024


Was a shock to read...there are a few people on here who followed her.Fingers crossed all turns out well for her.

9 May, 2024

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