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A Couple of Special House Plants


By meanie


The first is Ledebouria socialis (sometimes called Scilla violacea).
The flowers are tiny but well worth a close look…………….

For most of the year the foliage is the main attraction………..

It also divides readily and can be split easily…………

The second is Albuca nelsonii………….

It’s tall when in bloom and has a very attractive shape even when not in bloom…………….

Really pleased with these two – kinda makes up for the crappy weather!!

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They're great photos, Meanie!
Hope the weather soon cheers up...Pouring of rain here again this no work for PaultheGardener(a terrible year so far) but we had lovely weather for the 3 days over Bank Hol weekend! I think we were lucky down here in the south east by sound of things!!
The way the weaher's going, think we should all concentrate on house plants!!

28 May, 2013


what an exquisite little flower the first one has and i love its leaves. second one is fabulous!

loads of rain here ~ but guess where i have been!

28 May, 2013


Thanks Paul. This weather is a real downer - I'm stuck in all day waiting for a courier, but at least the rain doesn't stop me earning a living.

Thanks Sticki!
I am in no way responsible for where you've been or what you've spent!

28 May, 2013


Funny you should say that Meanie ~ as I was getting lost in the wilds of the cotswolds I was beginning to wonder why I was there!!!

but the funniest thing of all is that i have bought 7 new plants ~ four of them are variegated!!!!!!! As I put them down in the garden I just laughed when i realised how much you hate variegated plants!

28 May, 2013


p.s. also bought large bunch of fresh asparagus and then in a farm shop i found brie de meaux!!!!!!!

28 May, 2013


"as I was getting lost in the wilds of the cotswolds "

Cotswolds! That's stretching it a bit isn't it!!!!

I do own two variegated plants, but on the whole I really dislike them. What did you get?

Your kitchen must be stinking by now Sticki!

28 May, 2013


Yes true.....evesham is not exactly deep in the Cotswolds!

Cheese is in the fridge.....hope it's not that smelly - had to go out for a balti this evening so no space for the Brie!

Sorry will have to tell you tomorrow, it's dark now! One was a pleione, one a grass, one tiarella, one viola speckles,

28 May, 2013


"Cheese is in the fridge.....hope it's not that smelly"

If it's ripe it should be that smelly!!

29 May, 2013


better get it out ~ for my lunch ~ also got walnut bread!

as to the plants i bought:

heloniopsis kawanoi
drimiopsis maculata

both sounded and looked intriguing

pleione zeus weinstein ~ peach and cream flowers
viola speckles
heuchera sanguinea snow angel
tiarella skids variegated
bromus inermis skinners gold

i know you really dont like variegated but in my shady garden they provide colour and light!!

29 May, 2013


How was the cheese? Hopefully very whiffy!!!!

Heloniopsis kawanoi looks really superb - a visit coming along me thinks!
Dare I ask how much the Pleione was?

29 May, 2013


not very whiffy ~ more of a slight staleness??? nice with the walnut bread though! wonder if i should have left it out of the fridge a little longer ~ or maybe it isnt quite ripe?

I liked the heloniopsis too ~ im really pleased with the whole group of them

the thing i found a little frustrating was there was no information on what conditions were needed ~ i suppose i was expected to know???

the pleione was £5 ~ quite a good size bulb too ~ i didnt think that was too bad? but trilliums were £10 and £12 ~ so i didnt buy one :-(

29 May, 2013


Should smell like cabbage and run through your fingers!!

Don't be shy - ask the staff. They are very knowledgeable.

29 May, 2013


more like worn socks when smelt up close and been out of the fridge for an hour!? but not running ~ more like soft rubber?

i did ask one girl who was helpful ~ just prefer not to have to ask about all of them!!

29 May, 2013


made my own hollandaise sauce to go with the asparagus today ~ it was nice

29 May, 2013


Never tried making Hollandaise sauce - poached egg is perfect on asparagus!

29 May, 2013


Done poached egg before but not ultra keen on eggs, plus I really hate making poached eggs!

The hollandaise was fine, one duck egg yolk, salt and pepper, mix with/in blender add desert spoon of lemon juice while still stirring. Melt 2 ounces butter till bubbling then mix this in very slowly while continuing to beat.

29 May, 2013


Hollandaise for me every time, and home made even better!! Meanie you do grow some very interesting plants.....

29 May, 2013


Yummy isn't it DD! Went well with the ham too!

29 May, 2013


As my cholesterol is super good I can now gorge on cheese and eggs!

Thanks DD! Got a couple more that I'm looking forward to............

30 May, 2013


more exotic than a cheese omelette i expect!

30 May, 2013


Just a bit.....................

31 May, 2013

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