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My Best New Plants of 2014 (photo heavy)


By meanie


I grow mostly from seed so that I can afford to try lots of plants. Sometimes they can take a while, so some of the following I may have been growing for a couple of years. All will have bloomed for the first time for me this year.

The first up is a bargain bin rescue (50 pence) from last year – an unknown Lewisia………………

Last year Simbad sent me a seedling of Campanula thyrsoides. It is now my favourite Campanula…………….

Another plant that I received from a GOY member was Zantedeschia elliottiana. A big thank you to Surreylad!

Last year I grew a selection of Impatiens glandulifera (the dreaded Himalayan Balsam) called Red Wine. I let a few pods go (burst) and then thinned them out as they germinated to just a couple of plants, So it was nothing more than pure luck that this one grew to flowering size………….

I’ve had Fritillaria imperialis for a couple of years now but this was the first year that one of them bloomed………….

We’re lucky to have a lady near here who sells plants outside her house for charity. There’s always an interesting choice and I picked up a Polemonium pauciflorum for about a quid……………..

Sesbania punicea was grown from seed sent to me by Alexandramou. It tried to flower last year but the buds all blasted. Not this year though!

I’ve grown a lot of new Salvia from seed this year, although this first one was a cutting sent to me by Amy. S.buchanii……………

Salvia Raspberry Royale……………….

Salvia forsskaolii from seed sent to me by Simbad…………..

Salvia dolichantha (from seed) is a must have Salvia from now on……………..

Salvia stolonifera is a moisture and shade loving Salvia…………

Salvia cacaliifolia was bought in a closing down sale and is a proper gem………………

Another must have Salvia is S.urica. Tender, but easy from seed…………….

This Lily was sent to me as bulbils by Simbad……………..

I was sent some offset tubers of Hedychium gardnerianum a couple of years ago and they have finally bloomed……………..

Gloriosa carsonii…………..

Finally, the star of the year! Caiophora hibiscifolia is a vine from South America…………….

I’m sure that there will be plants that I’ve forgot, and there is still lots more coming along from seed, but that will do for now – thanks for looking!

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You do well from seeds Meanie, very economical.

2 Sep, 2014


Wow Meanie, such a lot of unusual things - your garden must be a dream! and so many from seed too - you really deserve your great results.

2 Sep, 2014


Wow indeed, a feast of plants, fantastic selection and well done for the patience Meanie, we have the ginger lily it has done nothing for two years now, what does it need to get going?

2 Sep, 2014


Thanks Peeps!
Growing from seed can become an addiction;
1] it's cheaper
2] it widens your choice infinitely
3] it's all your own work

I'm being good at the moment - only about thirty pots of seed on the go, half of which have germinated/are starting to germinate. That doesn't include the stuff in the coldframe that will not germinate until the spring though.

3 Sep, 2014


Great plants Meanie !!!! Nice to see the campanula flowered,did you manage to collect seed ? I got loads last year but didn't need it as all mine came back!!, I forgot I sent you those lily bulblets :-)
Looking at all your salvias you must have had seed from Robins Salvias;-), I never got round to ordering damn!! , oh well next year:-)
Know what you mean about growing from seed just wish I could stop myself pricking out so many plants ,80 meconopsis Lingholm In the greenhouse oooops, I'm going to plant them on masse in the wood :-)

3 Sep, 2014


Your plants are unusual and interesting :)

3 Sep, 2014


Simbad - no seed on the Campanula as yet.
Yes, I did indulge in Robins seed list! I have many Salvia seedlings to overwinter. And that is the problem with growing from seed isn't it - I looking after 150 seedlings at the moment with another 30 pots of seeds germinating indoors that will need pricking out, plus all the stuff in the c/frame that will germinate in the spring!

Hywel - I do my best!!

3 Sep, 2014


Yes I know ! You have a lot of success :)

3 Sep, 2014


Ooh Simbad, a wood full of meconopsis - that will be surreal.

3 Sep, 2014


Wow! What a fabulous blog, and what beautiful plants! You really are a dedicated plantsman Meanie! I love that Himalayan Balsam pic. Such a beauty! Really enjoyed that...thanks for sharing your treasures! I am also starting to grow more from seed...not so much these specialist plants...more bog standard ones. Mainly because it's cheaper for my larger garden. As you say's very satisfying to grow things from seed and know it's all been your own work. :)

3 Mar, 2015


Thanks Karen!

4 Mar, 2015

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