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By megnu


Hi there anybody?
I’m quite a stay-at-home, I don’t drive (shamefully) but am hoping to rectify that very soon.
I’m getting a little Yorkie female pup in about 3 weeks, has anyone any ideas on potty training please?
I haven’t even got my little baby yet, and she has no name any suggestions please?
I also am soooo afraid of baby dying on me before she is even here, especially of ‘cat flu’ – any suggestions please?
thanks everyone, I just know I’m going to enjoy this page, just hope i can figure out all the ‘workings’ of the page.
God bless you all x0x

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Hi megnu welcome to GOY. Lucky you to be getting a new pup,just enjoy it and don't panic, it will be fine all it will need is lots of dogs i know of has ever had cat flu, let alone died from it. How about calling it Poppy or Bella,just a sugestion.Good luck and let us know how you go on. :0))

25 Feb, 2011


Good luck with pup and as TL says, don't panic. Pup will have its 1st jab hopefully at 8 wks and then the last one at 10 weeks. We have bred lots of puppies, they do learn, eventually! Lots of taking them out, especially when they have just woken up, that needs immediate going out to the garden as it's a natural reflex when they are babies!!!

25 Feb, 2011


I hope you'll show us some pics of your new puppy after she arives. I'm sure she'll be fine :o)

25 Feb, 2011


Hi Megnu, and Welcome to GOY...Im sure you will enjoy the site, and we too shall look forward to seeing photo's of your gardens, and of course the new "baby" when she arrives.....My sister has a Yorkie and calls her Cleo......

25 Feb, 2011

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