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How far will you go to protect plants?


Tonight’s forecast for the central Texas area is several hours below freezing.

I gathered all of my prized container plants and moved them into the garage. WHEW! That was a job… I’ve been running a new “space heater” to give the garage a little “temperature pad” of at least 20 degrees for the night.

Most of them are experiments that I do not want to lose from this growing season, such as strawberries, ferns, a bougainvillea, an experimental cherry tomato plant, a “yesterday today and tomorrow” plant, an organically grown begonia, and some “test grass” that my brother in law gave me.

One of my largest potted plants had to be pulled from the patio inside and “Smokey boy” just loved having a new “live plant” to play with:

I put down some plastic to keep the organic soil from staining the tile, so we’re good to go..
The cats like to fart with this plant more than the Christmas tree, so this might be a good thing! {chuckle}
This particular plant is very old and has produced a new “baby”! (The little guy in the white pot)
Both are doing well and the baby is growing like crazy in its’ organic potting soil mix. :-)

I just love my “plants and critters”!
Life is great..

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Being 'at one' with your plants is nice for you No2 no wonder they do well. I assume that it soon warms up during the day. Do you move them every day?
I'm afraid I leave mine to it, I'll have a few casualties this winter....again! but we are having exceptional weather.

1 Dec, 2010


I have plants overwintering in greenhouse, fingers crossed they will be ok, but like i say they have two chances they either live or they dont.

1 Dec, 2010


Heron, most of the plants will not be moved over the winter, because my garage is equipped with built-in 1500 watt metal halide grow lamps. The electric bill will rise over the winter months, but the plants will love it! :-)
When I built this new home, I insisted the the contractor put in a very intense light source in the garage for my babies.

2 Dec, 2010

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