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Pond and things...


Now our pond… look below… it’s GREEN…… \@@/
I expected this, but mmm, very very green!

Also,,, I think I’ve seen the dying newt… it looked a bit painful, looked like something has had go at it, and he was flowting upside down in the pond, still kind of swimming…

Now, I have never ever had poppy before, I always wanted to, and finally bought them (3 different kind) this year, and 1 so far has flowered…

now… thought I bought the red poppy called “Allegro” and here it is… where is the colour??? Hmmm…

Here another batch to be harvested… I think… hi hi hi!

Talking of the harvest… does anyone know why my gooseberry has no leaves… suddenly gone!!

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Your raspberries look good but I think you have gooseberry sawfly larvae. If you look closely you may find tiny green caterpillers or they may have finished in your garden and gone next door to start on theirs. They stipped mine the first year I tried gooseberries. According to Beeton's Gardening Book - you lay a sheet under the bush, fire a shot gun and they will all fall off in shock. I must admit, I haven't tried that. This year I went and picked them off by hand. Not so much fun though!

9 Jun, 2011


Ho! That made me laugh, Marshmallow! Very funny!
I think it's sawfly as well, they can decimate a gooseberry bush quick as you can look at them! Oh dear, can't stop giggling now!...

9 Jun, 2011


>Hi Marhmallow, it's always fascinate me about Mrs Beeton... I bet they really did!!! So, obviously there are nothing left... and I can't see anything on it anymore... so I can only leave it now, can't I?
I think we had this a couple of year ago, but didn't know what it was and didn't have the same problems for a few years, so we forgot about it!!!

>Hi Libet, I make sure I'll remember for next year... not sure about picking it off my hand though!!!

10 Jun, 2011


Glad you can laugh! I think they overwinter under the bush so you can have a go at hoeing underneath as long as you don't disturb the roots. I expect there are sprays but I don't use many sprays. I picked them off when they were tiny so it wasn't too horrible.
At least you still have your gooseberries...

10 Jun, 2011


Hi Marshmallow,

Thank you very much for the advice... I'll have a go with a little digging.. my husband tried one of the berries and it is not ready at all!!

10 Jun, 2011

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