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New cutting garden


By pancy


Hi every one.

I don’t know, because i wanted to start a cutting garden this year the weather is not good, not much sun and cold at night.

Where we decided to have raised beds because the soil is very poor lots of chalk and flint, we had ten ton of top soil
Delivered , well I think that has been my biggest mistake.

The plants are having a hard time, no sun and trying to grow in this retched top soil

Did not think of adding any thing to it,
Has any one made this mistake, and any ideas on a quick fix.

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I had topsoil in my garden but everything is growing well.
Maybe your plants will do better if the weather improves.

23 Jun, 2015


I wonder if the top soil was from a green waste company may be the problem.
There is nothing in it, no worms etc.
It was not cheap, wish I had looked at it before I ordered

24 Jun, 2015


There were no worms in mine either.
They will spread into it from the surrounding land. Maybe you could also introduce some yourself, and add manure or compost to it. I haven't added anything to mine.

Actually I had another lot of topsoil a few years ago, before this one,
and it had added manure ... and everything grew out of control, even the weeds ! I had such a job to keep it all in order ... (but gave up in the end, and you couldn't go down the garden path by July)
And you've never seen such huge weeds either :(
I swore I'd never do that again, and that's why the second time, I got the one with nothing added to it.

24 Jun, 2015


add compost to the surface and lightly hoe it in. when digging in other areas if you find worms pop on the new soil. may help :o)

24 Jun, 2015

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