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By Pamazon


Please does anybody know what on earth is eating my Hollyhocks. I keep on spraying them with multi bug spray but it is not stopping it at all.

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Some kind of caterpillar, id say.
This leaf looks exactly like some of my Heucheras and amongst the leaves i find .... caterpillars :-(

29 Oct, 2009


Whatever it is it looks nasty(

29 Oct, 2009


I've looked it over and can't find any, nothing else in the garden is like it, just all the Hollyhock leaves........strange! I shall have to have another good look.

29 Oct, 2009


Pam Im not sure but Caspid bug springs to mind, have seen similar damage in an article in Gardners World I will try and dig it out for you!

29 Oct, 2009


Thanks Carole, there will be nothing left of them soon :o(

29 Oct, 2009


Sorry I didnt get back to you Pam but I looked in all my books and couldnt find the article I thought I had seen, but dont it is Caspid bug as the leave bigger holes, hopethey are still in tact, if I do see anything similar will contact you.

3 Nov, 2009


Thanks Carole, I searched too and found it was some sort of burrowing insect, forgotten what I found now, I'm getting awful with my memory :o( I saved it, but I do know that I have to keep on spraying to keep it at bay, apparently it loved Hollyhocks, it would wouldn't it!!!!

4 Nov, 2009

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