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Rock-a-bye babies!... An Argiopes egg casing!


By Lori

Rock-a-bye babies!...  An Argiopes egg casing!

This is a pic of an egg casing of the argiopes is out in the open, quite visible and what an interesting construct!

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Urgh I see that and just think OH NO MORE SPIDERS lol...
good pic Lori :o)

3 Sep, 2010


believe me, Pip c... I usually do not wax friendly with spiders either...but this particular spider is a gardener's friend. it's the black hairy dock spiders that really give me the heebie-jeebies. shudder!

3 Sep, 2010


Any spider is my natural enemy I'm afraid, even if they are good for the garen!

3 Sep, 2010


LOl... I was out watering in the very early morning and I found a web with a male Argiopes in it.... I've seen two females, an egg casing and now a male...They seem to like this very hot dry weather...sad that their lives are so short.

3 Sep, 2010


Oh Pip live in the land of the brown whatsit or is that the redback?...I kinda understand now!

3 Sep, 2010


I live in the land of the black widow, the redback, the funnelweb, and the huntsman.... all fearsome creatures! I've never been the same since I found a huntsman in the letterbox at age 5...

4 Sep, 2010


OMG! 'nuf said. I promise I'l hold off posting any more spider pics...
Lucky that you saw it before it got you, but 5 years is a tender age for such experiences as spider venom can be fatal to young children and older folk.

4 Sep, 2010


Indeed. Hunstmen are not overly poisonous, their bite is described as like a bee sting. It's the redbacks and funnelwebs you have to watch out for. Redbacks fool you by curling up their legs and making themselves look smaller, then unfolding and having a go at you!!! The funnnelwebs are the worst, or so I believe! The females are the huge black hairy specimens, but the males are 'small' and are 12 times more venomous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
White-tips are also highly lethal ones... they live in cramped conditions in our shed, it must be like a high rise unit block for them with all those dusty tools!!! {I never go in}

6 Sep, 2010


Argh!!!! I wouldn't either....who is the brave soul endowed with that responsibility?
I've never seen an agressive spider...lucky me. I took out an argiopes web with my face just today! found another just above and to the right of the front door...near the light...she's crafty...must have a thing for

7 Sep, 2010


Mum usually tackles it... she's not scared of spiders like I am !!
Don't you hate it when you get a spiderweb in the face and you get the feeling that they're crawlnig all over you? That's a disadvantage of beauiful summer's evening walks around our neighbourhood - the orb spiders like to position their webs in between the front gardens and the trees on the nature strip, which is exactly where you walk of course!

8 Sep, 2010's a sensation...or visceral reaction, not unlike the effect of the sound of fingernails on a blackboard. Zzzzzhhhhhh!
Bless all Mom's. Maybe you could revive the old custom of taking a sun shade on your walks... (moonshade?) anyway, the webs need never touch you!

8 Sep, 2010



8 Sep, 2010

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