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the first batch of this years potatoes!

the first batch of this years potatoes!

so far i've had them with two meals, still enough for another two...
untill the next batch are ready which wont be long now!

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How did you grow these Claire...I do wish I had the room for Pots...One of my friends grows hers in an old wheeli bin...

24 Jun, 2011


i grew them in some bags my nanna got for me, last year i tried doing them in a bit but the drainage wasn't very good and they completely failed.
the bags are billiant, i've got eough crop for me anyways!

24 Jun, 2011


You can see the bags on page two Crissue. They would not take up a huge amount of room but they certainly produce the goods although I think we have a star gardener here. That is a good crop.

27 Jun, 2011


awww thanks Sheila!
your right the bags dont take up too much room at all, the plants got huge tho lol.
i've just been out watering and potting the aubergines up in to bigger homes again, i noticed the franchi carrotts were peaking through so i've just pulled them up aswell!
i've used all my phone internet usage for the month so i'll have to start putting the pic's on at home in the evenings lol.

27 Jun, 2011



27 Jun, 2011


it's not so bad just means i cant be on here in the day time now :( but it'll be ok lol

27 Jun, 2011


Hi Scotsgran & Claire...
I've seen the bags, I think they're little magic parcels, :)) but seriously, I think Claire has got a real green thumb with the veggies...I'm going to ask H to have a look for bio degradables at the Super he does the weekly shop...I can't say I've seen anything like it here...other than the equivalent of grow bags...

28 Jun, 2011


Do you have a Lidl or an Aldi near you Crissue. Lately they have been selling pop up bags for using in the garden. They are suitable or just use plastic bags. Turn them inside out to hide the writing. If you can get a hold of old tyres they make ideal planters as you just pile them one on the other and they can be removed easily to get at all of your crop. Maybe the local equivalent of Kwik fit would give you some. I started growing in pots using the black plastic flower pots supplied to supermarkets with cut flowers. They were glad to get rid of them. I then gradually built up a stock of larger pots and pop up bags. Claire definitely has a green thumb.

28 Jun, 2011


Mmmm . . . pass the butter!!! :-))

30 Jun, 2011


Too right MW....
Many thanks Scotsgran, sorry bit late getting back, I still forget where I'm goin on here... lol

6 Jul, 2011


You're welcome Crissue. I stopped making people favourites because I was getting so far behind and never having time to look at the wider picture on GOY. I think it is a good idea to be able to favourite members so you know what they are doing but I also like to see blogs and questions from others. Even finding time for that can be hard when the garden is growing so fast, the weather is not giving the plants what they need and i have to water etc. Last week until yesterday we had perfect weather for getting washing dried. I had done no Spring Cleaning so I go stuck in to that. I have instigated a policy of if we have not used it in the last 3 years get rid of it. i seem to be complying but OH is dragging his heels a bit. Team work is needed to get this place ship shape again. We are back to rain again today. It should help the spuds which are getting so dry and droopy looking.

6 Jul, 2011


lol Scotsgran you're right about making people fave's, i'm sticking to people who have made an interest in me fave's atm, but there's still so much to see!
i saw a blog on recycling pallets to use around the garden and completely forgot where i foud it, i spent all day looking and finally got it!
last week we had beautiful weather so i was able to everything i wanted on the front garden, all the goodies and a few i liberated from work are in!
(i made a blog, but i put it under gardening instead of garden make overs duh, but again like crissue, i'm still finding my way around!)
then this week it's been a bit rainny... tuesday, but i got the wood chips laid in the rain, then it held off last night for our work night at crazy golf!
then rain again today but thats a good thing as all that i planted has been nicely watered in and i really needed to clean my part of the house as i had been outside all last week!

7 Jul, 2011


Well done, they look great!

26 Jul, 2011


I'm unearthing potatoes almost every day now.I planted too many pots but we are enjoying the fruits of my labour. The crops are not big but I get between 350g and 900g from the builders buckets and square pots depending on the variety. That is from one seed potato in each. I tried the International Kidney and they have been a geat success, dug as new potatoes. I am trying to restrain the urge to dig up the rest of them because they taste so good. They will last until after the earlies are up because they are a main crop potato really. The shaws on them are still healthy looking so there is no rush to take them up. I am weighing the crops as I dig them so I can see what have been successful and what not.
These look like 2 different varieties Claire? How many seed potatoes did you plant in each of your sacks. I have three in each of my big bags but I'm not sure that theyhave all grown. Time will tell.

27 Jul, 2011

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