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Thunder the Budgie inside his cage.


By Alextb

Thunder the Budgie inside his cage.

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He would benefit from some toys in his cage to help prevent boredom ...
mirrors .. bells etc ...

21 Nov, 2011


I was told that he should not have mirrors or bells, so did not purchase any.

My Dad who bred Thunder, is due to bring a sibling along on Thursday to keep Thunder company.

21 Nov, 2011


Were you told why it was advised to have no mirrors or bells ?

21 Nov, 2011


It was less likely to socialise and fall in love with itself mistaking the reflection for another budgie. The bell I am not sure how that affects the socialising of a budgie, but apparently does.

My Dad first told me as he breeds budgies and then I read on a website designed by budgie breeders that says that they advise against using mirrors and bells for the same reasons as above.

I have been stroking Thunder, has him perch on my hand and has been flying around exploring my room.

Thursday will see one of Thunder's siblings joining him.

I hope this answers your question.

22 Nov, 2011


That will be interesting getting one of Thunder's siblings.

22 Nov, 2011

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