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Plumeria rubra 'Plastic Pink'

Plumeria rubra 'Plastic Pink'  (Plumeria rubra 'Plastic Pink')

My Plastic Pink Plumeria has many of its leaves still. Usually by now most of the leaves have dropped. What's more amazing is the weather has been well below normal, very cold for San Diego, CA. Photo taken Jan. 14, 2013.

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My flower buds dropped ;o(

15 Jan, 2013


Sorry to hear about your flower spike dropping. :>( This coming summer, I'm sure more will develop on other plants. The plant which dropped the flower spike will not develop another spike until it branches (or until next year).

My Slaughter Pink Plumeria has a flower spike on it right now. It hasn't dropped, luckily! This morning was the coldest morning of the last 4 days (and the weather people said it was going to be much warmer). The temp was 36ºF (2.2ºC) most likely for only about 15 minutes. I'm still very lucky we get not frost here. The plants still look very good and still growing. Although, I'm getting so sick of this cold weather. Supposedly, by Thursday the daytime temps are going to be around 76ºF (24ºC), I'm not holding my breathe!

15 Jan, 2013


I expect all five of the Plumerias will bloom this summer.

I hope your weather changes to normal. I'm ready for spring now!

16 Jan, 2013


I hope you're right! :>)

It was warm today!!! I can't believe it! It was 70ºF (21ºC) YAY!!!

It may be 80ºF (27ºC) by Friday, us San Diegans are looking forward to it!

17 Jan, 2013


The only other P.rubra I have is that. I started it in March from a cutting. Funny,even as small as it has that same compact small leaf form. Yours seems to have many branches..and my cutting branched very low. What bushy plants tend to do.
You seem to have many types Delonix,is Plastic pink faster,hardier? or any other stand out traits? Is it as hardy as Celadine?

13 Sep, 2014


This tree is my largest Plumeria at about 12' tall and a wider spread. It tends to be a lighter bloomer, though. I'm not sure what it's hardiness is like as I don't get frost here where I live.

I think Celadine is hardier and grows much faster. There's some really good-sized trees in my neighborhood. I've seen P. 'Celadine' grow from a very small 16" plant to a wide 9' tree in 5 years.

15 Sep, 2014

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