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holding him safe but firmly.i took him or her of the road and put it in the forest

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What kind of snake is this NoseyPotter?

17 Jul, 2008


its an adder our only venomas snake dont worry i saved it and i watched plenty of steve erwin programs lol

17 Jul, 2008



Just gone into full panic mode !!!!!!!!

Where's the Bach Remedy ?????????

27 Jul, 2008


it was ok i was watching steve erwin a lot lol though im not going swimming .a very pretty snake

29 Jul, 2008


Oh well done Np! You were brave! I'd have not known what to do!

2 May, 2009


im sure if i had lived in australia id of bean the local snake catcher

3 May, 2009


I love snakes- the markings on this one are beautiful. Well done for saving it NP. I used to have a female garter that looked quite like it. I've now got a 9ft north american pine snake, have had her for 12 years now - she was only about 12" when we got her. She hibernates from October till March under the floor.When she comes out in spring she has the run of the house and we take her outside in the garden and she loves to swim in the pond.

27 Feb, 2010


i couldnt let this have run of the house it had some serious fangs dripping with venom but beautifull. that kind of thing doesnt bother me as you know wear you more botherd about people who say there my friends.potentiolay more venomous and you dont know if or when there gonna bite lol xx .

27 Feb, 2010


lol ! ....... I get your drift! xx

27 Feb, 2010


i thaught you would xx

28 Feb, 2010


I do admire snake,s though preferrably at a respectful distance!

I remember when we were camping with the Cubs, years ago; the campsite had notices asking people not to disturb their local adder nest - lol no probs there! but it was rather weird when quietly sitting out on a fallen tree, to see grass moving ina line, apparently all on its own, as the local inhabitants went about their lawful business.

I did a search recently for squirrel repellants; eHow suggested a rubber snake, but they don't seem to make anything as boring as non-lethal or non-constricting snakes - had to settle for a boa in the end

20 Jul, 2011


boas are lovley . id say squirrels are a bit shrewder than to worry about a rubber snake for long especialy as its not one of there natural predetors in the uk . like them plastic herons that are supposed to keep the real ones away . they dont work . the more i learn about animals the more inteligent i realise they are and uninteligent us humans are lol .

21 Jul, 2011


nods and grins, dunno if it's the snakes or the rain that's kep them off. eHow said to move the snakes every couple of days to make them look alive - but that was for keeping birds off - or maybe they've finished killing off the plants that were attracting them! I did searh for "realistic", but it's a prob to keep some of them uncoiled unless I nail 'em down.

I had me picture taken with a boa, years ago - a bloke brought a couple of boas and vareious lizards to our Cub meeting and I got my nerve up and had a small boa over my shoulders. Hadn't realised how heavy they are, glad it was onoly a small one! hmm, not thought of that picture for ages, I'll have to see if I've still got it.

Squirrels and other wild animals have to be smart, that's natural selection in action - stupid ones don't last lopng enough to add to the gene pool. Hmm, I wonder what the human race would be like if that still applied to us ...

21 Jul, 2011


we wouldnt be hear its quit simple or most of us wouldnt if we did natural selection but the few people who could survive would be overwelmed bye the people who couldnt . the last persen who tried that was called adolf . we actualy breed weakness etc and condone it . dont worry im one of the first on the listas im disabled and never was much of an athlete lol . i like snakes well i like all nature apart from humans well most of them . we havea selfish gene wich will be our undoing .anyway enough of that and im sure your a lovley human lol . any python over 8 feet should be considerd dangerous yet ive seen a bloke with his 6 year old holding the head end of his "tame" 14 burmese python . i couldnt believe it . he obviously couldnt see the danger there .

23 Jul, 2011


14-foot python??? And a child that must be about the same size as a 14-foot-python's natural prey??! Hope he keeps it very well fed!

Some people are either very stupid or very arrogant or both, and in either case can't imagine somthing that belongs to them turning on them, no matter how badly they treat it or how little respect they show it - *g* applies to pets, partners, children ... and, of course, their planet!

Just because one's property has never bitten yet is no guarantee that it never will - all animals will act according to their nature and bite back if sufficiently provoked or sufficiently hungry. Every potentially dangerous thing should be shown due respect - even household electricity will bite if not treated with respect for what it can do - and a 14-foot python would tend to command a tad more caution than your average doggie.

*s* Hitler tried UNnatural selection; by his own criteria, he'd have been first on his own list. And I'd have been in the queue right next to you: I'm disabled too, - vision and mobility - I'd have trouble outrunning a geriatric tortoise.

Agree with you about most people: think we're the only speices that could vanish from the face of the earth without upsetting the balance of nature. An insect is more important to the natural world than Homo Sap - nature can manage perfectly well without us, but remove the bees (as we are doing so successfully), and there goes nintety percent of flowering plants.

(Have you seen the Darwin Award site? the number of creative ways people have of removing themselves from the gene pool is awesome.)

*s* rambled a bit, but you raised so many interesting points!

23 Jul, 2011


im right with you and fully agree . the whole high command of hitlers were hardly 6 foot blue eyed blonds except hydrick excuse my spelling . there was evidence after the war that said even he had jew in him . if you look at his profile thats definatly a suspicious nose dont you think ? take care bye for now . i dont know why i think we could have a good old chat but i hatewriting but love chatting x x .

24 Jul, 2011


lol xx

24 Jul, 2011



25 Jul, 2011

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