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Croton 'Petra'


By Stan510

Croton 'Petra' (Codiaeum variegatum)

Back lit. Its grown quite a bit since May. Some claim it will take down to 20f...others that it will hold leaves all winter as its one of the old hardier cultivars.
I hope so.

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Gosh, that nice Stan,,,

4 Nov, 2014


Thanks John. Its not a common plant here outdoors. Mostly greenhouse.

5 Nov, 2014


I wouldn't gamble that it'll take 20ºF. I don't think this variety would take Hayward's winter chill.

Did you read on Palm Talk (tropical plant forum) that many Crotons were killed or badly damaged during the cold weather 2010 in South Florida. I read most of the shrubs recovered in Miami; however, lost most or all of their leaves...some Crotons did die, though.

My large Croton is putting out very large leaves right now. It's kind of unusual for it to put out such large leaves this time of year (when the night are starting to cool down). Usually, the leaves come out very large when it's hot and humid.

5 Nov, 2014


I read Andy, that of all the Crotons- the hardiest big leafed is your fiddle leafed type-"Keeps leaves all winter in Sydney" !...and the very hardiest of all?..the one that looks like a thin leafed Aucuba. The Croton Society had an article that was copied to 'Palmpedia' have to search under 'hardiest Croton' cold tolerant Croton" that to find it.
But,no i wouldn't expect it to survive close to 20f. I saw what 24f did in 1990. If it can take down to 32 (say,I forgot to cover or bring in)and handles that? PTL!.lol.

5 Nov, 2014


Sydney has very mild winters...similar to Los Angeles. Actually, the all-time lows in Sydney are higher than even in Los Angeles. I could see that Crotons would grow pretty well in protected areas of Sydney.

There's a massive mango tree, probably around 60' tall and around 30' spread (which must be over 100 years old) in down town Sydney, Australia. I've never seen one that big even in San Diego. I've seen 30' tall mango trees here and heard of 40' tall trees growing in La Mesa. A 60' tall mango tree in San Diego would be incredible! ...and a great find.

6 Nov, 2014


Hayward is more like Mebourne. I wonder if ANY Croton is growing year after year there?
Funny,how often it IS the ultimate low not the average sometimes. Plumeria will grow in ground in Tasmania- even if not large. Coconut palms in the Canaries, even if winter temps are like soucal in the day. The nights though can be above 60f all winter there.
I'm using every trick I know short of a pot,lots of winter sun,raised off the ground.
As last resort...bring it in at night.

6 Nov, 2014


It is funny how in different parts of the world certain plants grow and some don't. It could be the hours of cool weather, the soil, humidity and many other factors. There's pretty large coconut trees growing in Port Macquarie, Australia. The average day and night time winter temps are actually cooler than San Diego and at about the same latitude. They are in pretty protected spots; however, have quite large trunks. Maybe the soil temps average higher in winter. Not sure why this's a mystery to me. I highly doubt they produce coconut fruit, though.

7 Nov, 2014


Just today on the net, I found the Australian gardenweb that had a post on somebody in Melbourne who said he has Crotons growing there...the only detail was they were "old variety's".
I posted a few questions. Just waiting for an answer.

8 Nov, 2014


I would be interested in what varieties grow there. It has a similar climate to much of the Bay Area; however, it's absolute lows are still higher than most cities around the Bay Area.

8 Nov, 2014


I forgot to add I have a Croton variety 'Mammy' which I've had in the back yard for about 5 years. It has gotten large and takes a lot of very hot sun without burning. Another hardy variety here in San Diego is 'Mrs. Iceton'. Although, I accidentally drowned it (in a new pot) this past summer. I had it for about 3 or 4 years outside.

8 Nov, 2014


I was told to try "Stoplight" and sure enough a few days later I saw a photo of one at Sherman Gardens- well,2 of them in the greenhouse. Is that a heated greenhouse or passive,do you know? What I saw in there could do fine in SG with the heating of just sun in there. Nothing ultratropical like 6 'Anthuriums or Breadfruit.

13 Nov, 2014


I think that Sherman Gardens greenhouse can be heated. I've been there 3 times and never saw the heat turned on, though. I think crotons would grow very well outdoors at Sherman Garden. It's in located so close to the coast and near New Port Beach's very mild climate.

Anthuriums are not really considered ultra-tropical. They grow very outside here in San Diego...well, most species, anyway.

14 Nov, 2014

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