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Photos tagged as "Standard"

  • Herb_gdn_gold.rod_Sweet_Pea_2008_001__40_.jpg
    By Milldenegar..
  • Summer_house_in_Potager_025.jpg
    By Milldenegar..
  • Poolpollution_Autumn_2007_013.jpg
    By Milldenegar..
  • Rose with wrong name tag????????
    By Chrispook
  • Standard Willow (Salix Integra 'Hakuro-nishiki')
    By Helofadigger
  • Privet (Ligustrum delavayanum)
    By Treesandthi..
  • Expounded idea from last year
    By Greenthumb
  • Standard Rose
    By Mr_crocosmia
  • Peniola loooks like viola
    By Scotkat
  • 3 pair fuchsia leaf
    By Scotkat
  • 3pair
    By Scotkat
  • Little Cherry tree. (Prunus)
    By Marge