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Photos tagged as "Wild"

  • Greater Celandine   (Chelidonium major)
    By Poaannua
  • Wild Clematis
    By Flowerchild62
  • very young, wild, baby raccoons 21 days old or so  29/30 April 2009, by our back door
    By Alandrapal
  • Wild Rose, I don't know why wild, if I was as good looking as that I be happy.
    By Pride
  • Wild Iris
    By Pansypotter
  • Blue and White Bells
    By Pansypotter
  • Another I dont know the name of!
    By Pansypotter
  • Wild Ginger...What a find!
    By Lori
  • Adder's Tongue...not fully open yet
    By Lori
  • Dog Tooth Violet...Adder's Tongue...
    By Lori
  • Viburnum trilobum...growing totally wild.
    By Lori
  • wild corner next to the shed (Syringa vulgaris (Common lilac))
    By Mageth