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Photos tagged as "blue_flowers"

  • Ceanothus's blue hue on Vistabile patio 05.08 (Ceanothus)
    By Xela
  • Lavender 'Blue Cushion' [Lavendula angustifola] 07.08 (Lavandula angustifolia ... 'Blue Cushion' (Vistabile))
    By Xela
  • Serbian Bellflower/Campanula [Campanula poscharskyana] 07.08 (Campanula poscharskyana)
    By Xela
  • Water Iris [Iris laevigata.] in flower 05.08 (Iris laevigata (Vistabile))
    By Xela
  • English Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)
    By Xela
  • garden in May 2010
    By Hildadorissen