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Photos tagged as "loving"

  • Sooty, it's actually HER garden
    By Cluelesskev
  • Arisaema ogatae
    By Chloris
  • Our much loved cat
    By Alandrapal
  • Hacquetia Epipactis  (Haquetia Epipactis)
    By Scotsgran
  • Azalea (Azalea 'Mollis Blanche')
    By Minihoney
  • Turquoise Mahonia berries (Mahonia)
    By Karensusan63
  • Dryopteris Filix Mas 'Linearis Polydactyla' (Dryopteris filix-mas (Male fern))
    By Karensusan63
  • A rather confused little plant! (Tiarella cordifolia (Foam flower) 'Iron Butterfly')
    By Bodger99
  • Camellia hybrid 'Night Rider'
    By Karensusan63
  • Pieris Japonica Variegata
    By Karensusan63
  • Ligularia Przewalskii
    By Lori
  • First flowers on my Pieris
    By Kasy