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Photos tagged as "malva"

  • Malva neglecta (common mallow) (Malva neglecta)
    By Pride
  • One of my Hanging pots
    By Scotkat
  • Malva Windor Castle
    By Scotkat
  • Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina' (Malva sylvestris)
    By Muddywalters
  • Summer flowers
    By Pennyfarthing
  • Border
    By Pennyfarthing
  • Malva 'Mystic Merlin' grown form seed. (Malva sylvestris (Algiermalve))
    By Karensusan63
  • Malva moschata 'alba'
    By Sheilabub
  • Musk mallow 'Malva moschata' (Musk mallow malva moschata)
    By Drc726
  • Malva moschata 'alba' / Erisimum 'Bowles Mauve'
    By Sheilabub
  • Malva moschata
    By Sheilabub
  • Mallow 'Windsor Castle' for my file (Malva sylvestris (Algiermalve))
    By Siris