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west sussex, United Kingdom

Re-potting lilies. I am having a blank moment as to whether I water the pots after repotting lilies. The new soil is nice and damp but do I water them in or not? I've done it many times but can't remember!



If you are repotting now to keep the plants going for another month or more, to keep growing the tuber on, I WOULD water, assuming it's fairly dry and sunny and you aren't waterlogging the pots. As soon as the plant starts to die back, stop watering, to allow all the 'goodness' of the plant to be taken down into the bulb. Leave the pots in a cool, ideally frost free, place for winter, and the damp compost should keep the bulbs in good shape. Kept too moist they will rot when dormant.

15 Sep, 2012


Thanks, I have repotted but wasn't sure whether or not to water them in. Thanks.

15 Sep, 2012

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