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itentify a old house plant

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Please, I had a house plant back in 1994 that I can not find now, it grew with medium leaves, grew tall with the help of bamboo sticks tied up to about 5 feet tall, it was slim, with hundreds of very small red flowers, which you had to pick when dead to continue growth, I had a cold flat with only a gas fire, low trmp with little sunlight, it grew very well, then my sister had it in a hot house, it died within 5 days, I want another, can you help me find out what this plant was?



Sounds like a climber, but from your description very hard to identify. Possibly a clematis? What shape were the flowers? Bells, trumpets, or daisy-like? Was it an annual or did it come back year after year?

29 Jun, 2009


Thanks for your answer, it seemed to flower most of the year, the flowers were tiny red daisy like,, you could pinch them in your finger and thumb, I had it a few years with the flowers continueing most of the year, the leaves I think were heart shape about the size of a childs hand.

29 Jun, 2009


This is a very difficult one to identify and I hate not knowing what it could be. If I don't sleep tonight........! :-)

This might sound a tad daft but could you do a simple line drawing of it and email it to me?


29 Jun, 2009


Could it have been a begonia, specifically, Begonia lucerna, or also known as Begonia Corallina de Lucerna? Google it - you may find a picture.

29 Jun, 2009

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