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why are my lillies not flowering

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought some lillies last year as complete plants already in bloom. This year though only one small one has bloomed, the rest look healthy and have big buds but are not opening.Please excuse some of my terminology if wrong I'm new to this gardening world! thank you



It's just a little early for some lilies - if there are buds, then they should open sometime in the next week. Keep them watered.

4 Jul, 2009


The answer really depends on the lily we have some which are flowered and over, others are not in flower yet.

4 Jul, 2009


I'm the same as MG.
Some lilies in my front garden are already going over, but in my back in pots I have oriental and asiatic. All with loads of buds, but not flowering yet.

Be patient and I'm sure they'll come on.

4 Jul, 2009

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