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Does climbing hydranger damage brickwork?

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I would like to grow climbing hydranger up the front of my house, will this damage the brickwork like ivy does?

On plant Hydrangea anomala



you'll be glad to hear the answer is no. we have one and it is stunning. it produces 'adhesive' pads that cling to the brick surface. they dont penetrate the brick or the mortar.

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7 Jul, 2009


Seaburngirl is quite correct. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

7 Jul, 2009


No it does not. It must be one, if not the most accomodating climbing plant in the garden. I regularly cut mine back when I see it taking off in a direction not of my choosing and the flowers still keep coming. I have rooted many cutting using the culled pieces. A friend told me to push them in near the parent and they would almost certainly take. She was right. If I have too many I push them in at the top of one of my compost pots and that works too.July August time.

8 Nov, 2009

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