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Sedum good for ground cover?

Florida, United States Us

I am looking for a ground cover, and have been "investigating" sedum. Saw Bamboo's pics and it is beautiful. Do they stay low to the ground? Plant from seeds? I live in Fl, USA but they are deemed good for my zone. Thanks!

On plant Sedum telephium



The one in my pics is a clump forming one that disappears in the winter, so not too great for ground cover, as such. One that is good for ground cover though, and yards of it, is Sedum acre, commonly known here as Stonecrop - a very low grower, only 2 inches high, spread 2 feet or more for each plant. Likes a dryish spot, more of a rockery sedum, bright yellow lovely flowers in springtime. There's another one called Sedum album which is invasive, another low growing, rockery type, and there's S. dasyphyllum (height half an inch, spread 1 foot), bluey green leaves, flowers white in June (here anyway!).

12 Jul, 2009


Oh and by the way, the one in my pics is a little bit tender, needs a sheltered spot, and only gets about 9 inches to a foot high.

12 Jul, 2009


There are quite a few groundcovering sedums but I wouldn't consider telephium in that category. Besides the ones mentioned above, Sedum spathulifolium might suit - it's very low growing indeed. I think that might be a US native although of course it could be best
suited to another zone.

I planted Sedum rupestre/reflexum in my front garden around groundcovering junipers while I wait for them to grow. T sedum has completely filled out the gaps. I've never grown them from seed but they grow incredibly easily from the smallest cutting so I've been able to increase the amount quite quickly that way. Sedium spurium's another possibility.

But whatever you choose, do check whether any of them are considered OK for your state as some kinds might be classified as 'noxious weeds' (hate that term but you don't want to plant something that is going to cause problems).

12 Jul, 2009


Thank you friends. I will now do some on line investigating and see which works for me here.

12 Jul, 2009

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