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By Syra

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me if they have successfully overwintered gladious murielae. I bought 4 corms in flower in a pot for £5 from Wisley flower Show on 6th September and they haven't stopped flowering, they are so beautiful to look at. I brought the pot indoors to protect them from the wind and rain and have enjoyed the wonderful fragrance

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Hi and yes, but I know them as Acidenthera and have been growing them for the past 4 years. I dig them up at the end of the season before the frost gets them. I dry out the corms and store them indoors in a cupboard under the stairs. I usually dust them with sulphur powder to prevent mildew. They are very pretty aren't they? And the scent reminds me of Max Factor powder puffs of yesteryear. Can I just tell you also that these corms can be purchased for a little over £1 in the likes of Wilkinsons. So you may want to add a few more to get a really nice display next year. Good luck

27 Sep, 2012


Hi Fushsia Fun

Thank you for your reply. I will definately go and buy some from Wilkinsons will I get the sulphur powder from there as well?

28 Sep, 2012


I also tried these last year,and had a lovely display..I only paid £1 for 25...I overwintered them in the pot,under cover in a growhouse,,and as I hadn't used all the corms,which had been kept indoors,I planted the rest in a pot this year. They grew ok but no flowers,,nor did the ones I had overwintered...I suggest it might not be worth keeping,as they can be bought so cheaply,if you look around the pound shops,etc..

28 Sep, 2012


Hi Syra you can get sulphur powder in garden centres but I'm not sure about Wilkinsons. Worth a try though

28 Sep, 2012

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