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how do i get rid of binary weed

nittinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

it has heart shaped leaves with white trumpet flowers it is every where in my fiances garden



You mean bindweed (which isn't good at coding, I'm sure!!). Difficult to get rid of, its a persistent thing - spraying with glyphosphate or Round up is the usual route. However, if its everywhere, I'd just pull out as much as you can at the moment - when it regrows, you need bamboo canes or sticks for it to grow up so put them in the ground where you see it growing. Once its twined up round the cane, then you spray and leave to die back. You will have to repeat treat in this way, and don't get the spray on anything else in the garden - it'll kill your ornamental plants as well.

23 Jul, 2009


I have lots of bindweed too, aren't I lucky! I have just opted for pulling up as much as possible and burning it. That's after I'd managed to convince my husband it wasn't a clematis.............

23 Jul, 2009


thanks love my is fiance has got blinkers on when it comes to weeds many thanks again

23 Jul, 2009


As bamboo says, It's very difficult to get rid of, If you leave so much as a bit of root in the ground, It'll develop into another weed.
I use to have a paint on weedkiller, which work wonders, since moving down to Kent, I can't find this anywhere, It's like a block that you just rub onto the leaves of any weed,(a bit simular looking to lipsil, but bigger) When I next visit my family I'll go looking for some.
It's good stuff as it doesn't run off the leaves and is waterproof.
If you find any ... let me know.
Gail xxx

23 Jul, 2009


i spray it in late august/september with glycophosphate and it is taken down to the underground stems and kills it off over the winter. keep pulling it out until them to stop it flowering and throwing seed all over.

23 Jul, 2009


I always remember an old lady in her late eighties in our village who had a wonderful garden. She had a constant battle with bindweed in her rockery, but one which she was winning. What she did was to prepare a strong mixture of glyphosate in a jam jar, and then dip the ends of the growing bindweed into the jar and leave it for 24 hours or so. She put a piece of tile over the jar to to stop the rain and insects getting into it. It took a lot of persistence, but as she moved it round every day to a new bit of bindweed, she eventually eradicated it all.

24 Jul, 2009

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