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Wild Funghi in my new garden

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I've recently taken over a small plot of land adjacent to my garden which has been fenced off for about 30 years, and used as a dumping ground for garden waste from an adjoining block of flats. I've removed 5 large sycamore trees and had the stumps ground out, and am now battling with the nettles, bindweed and ground elder, so currently leaving the ground "fallow". As it was originally part of a market garden, I have some very fertile soil.
I've found that in addition to the above "crops" the land produces a lot of rather impressive funghi, which I initially thought were shaggy ink caps, but I have my doubts. If these are edible, I would have to regard them as a valuable free asset, to be encouraged, but otherwise they may be a serious nuisance.
What's the best way to find out whether they are "friend" or "foe"?
If they're friend, how's best to encourage them, if foe how best to banish them???



Find someone who is a fungi expert to come and look at them, otherwise go to your local library and borrow some books. Unless you can make a positive id do not consider eating any of them.

5 Oct, 2012


there's only one edible ink cap and that's the common one but it has to be young, but as moon growe said, its best to try and get an expert over to have a look, and they should be able to give you care advice. at the minute im only a novice in the field of fungi otherwise i would help more.

5 Oct, 2012


The shaggy inkcap is unmistakeable. It is pure white, cylindrical in shape and has shaggy scales. When it gets older the bottom part starts dissolving into black ink which in times past was actually used for writing. It has a very delicate flavour and needs cheering up with some grilled bacon There is another inkcap the same shape but it is brown. This is also edible as long as you don't drink alcohol, in which case it will make you very sick! The other inkcaps are not edible but look quite different.

If you would post a photo it will be easy to tell you whether this is what you have.

5 Oct, 2012


Gosh I'd forgotten that the shaggy inkcap was actually used for ink Stera... I do remember accidentally leaving one sitting on a kitchen work surface and there being a blob of 'ink'

6 Oct, 2012


t.b.h. although a friend told me they are Shaggy Ink Caps, I don't think they are, as I've seen no evidence of them dissolving into the inky mess that ink caps do.
I've got some pictures, but I'm having problems a.t.m. finding how to attach them to this thread. I'll no doubt figure it eventually, but if anyone can give me a shove in the right direction, I'd be grateful :)

29 Oct, 2012

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