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I found this tree/shrub growing on the hillside in an area which was very heavily treed with recent growth...12 to 15 yrs. It is tree-like, with bright yellow bark in spring and it has flowers in spring...but there's no sign of fruit or nut at present. (autumn) .
added a pic of the leaves...Can anyone on goy help me name this pretty thing? It's growing completely wild and discovered a second one about 10 feet from the first.

Img_2247 Img_2248



Is it in a garden or in the countryside? This will make a difference on weather it may be a native or not.If in the wild, get a good Canadian tree book and see if you can match it up with anything. Try this webpage:

5 Oct, 2012


Thanks Volunteer...I should have said..this is growing in our bushlot...under a canopy of "new" growth maples, beech, hemlock and oak. Have just found a great book by Kathy Renwald...will give it a look. Would this be a hazel perhaps? the leaves look so different tho. Will post when I have finished researching it...thanks again.

5 Oct, 2012


No, it's not hazel as that has serrated leaf margins.

5 Oct, 2012


from what i've been able to find so far it's bark looks like a dogwood. (Cornus)although similar..the leaves do not have the deeply defined longitudinal veins.

5 Oct, 2012


I think it might be a witch hazel...hamamelis.

5 Oct, 2012


could be witch hazel? or amelanchier? the most striking thing about it was the golden yellow bark in spring...and it flowered but they looked like brachts rather than flowers... never saw any fruit but the fruit may have been eaten by the second visit. ...been looking via wiki etc. and everyone is selling something. will try this evening, with better luck, I hope. Thanks again Volunteer.

5 Oct, 2012

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