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growing passiflora edulis.


By Charlie

suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

has anybody in the u.k.been lucky enough to grow fruit onthe edulis like ihave.

On plant passiflora edulis.



I would like to, edulisis - edible? Can it be grown from seed, or did you buy a plant? I have a south facing greenhouse attached to the house, would that be suitable? My self fertile kiwi is growing well this year, last year it was static, so I am hoping it may fruit next year.

4 Aug, 2007


yesyou can if youcancleanthe seeds then cover them lightly in seed box in a few weeks seedings should appear when large enough to handle pot them on i grow mineon in 12in dia pots and put them after frost ive done thisfor past few years you could also grow them on south facing wall mulch over roots to protect from frost they say you can graft them on to acommon passiflora for hardiness why not try them all like me.

5 Aug, 2007


i have grown from seeds about 35 kiwi plants theyare three years old now asyet no flowers how do i tell which sex the plants are.

6 Aug, 2007


Hi Charlie, I wish I knew how to tell them apart, they look the same only the label tells me one of mine is male! Perhaps they have different flowers. Apparently you only need one male for 5 or 6 female plants.
The flowers tend to come under the leaves so they are best grown over a large pergola or equivalent then the bees can get in underneath. They are useful because the fruit ripens much later than other fruits.

7 Aug, 2007

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