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I have several new fuchsias in my garden which are supposed to be hardy. What is the best way to care for them over the winter please ?



Give them a thick mulch. You could also place an upturned pot over them, like I do.

When planting hardy Fuchsias, it's a good idea to plant them deeply, so that some of the stems are buried under the ground. It gives them some protection from the frosts.
A thick mulch would do the same.

Cut back in spring, to the required height, or to the ground if they've died back that much. You'll see some green buds breaking probably in April/May.

12 Oct, 2012


The key word is "supposed"

If you are unsure then treat them as non- hardy!

They want to be kept in a frost free area and relatively dry!

See here;

12 Oct, 2012


yes, i have had a fuchsia that was supposedly hardy and wasn't the garden centre was wrong, you could use a cloche if they are small enough or of they are in pots bring them in. my mum does have hardy ones, and she just leaves them and they come back each year bigger and better!

13 Oct, 2012


You really need to know the names to know how hardy they are, my hardy garden ones come up despite having been frozen in 2 yrs ago. The others get potted down and kept in the garage.

13 Oct, 2012


My hardies survived -10 last winter. Have you got the names of yours? Can't do better than follow Hywel's advice if they really are hardy.

13 Oct, 2012


I have a fuchsia that grows to 3 1/2 foot high and is like an hedge, it as large flowers, I don,t know it,s name. I cut to the ground when all the flowers have finished,and that's it,I never do anything else and its always a show stopper.most of my friends have cuttings from it as they are so easy to take.

16 Oct, 2012


Hello everyone who answered my question - many thanks for your interesting advice regarding my fuchsias. They are definately all hardy ones but I have only ever grown "Mrs Popple" before and she seems to be as tough as old boots. I shall definately mulch them all I think. Again my thanks to you all.

16 Oct, 2012

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