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Browning leaves on a yellow monstera


By Kaim

United States Us

the leaves on my yellow monstera are turning to brown, can someone please help me out with this. I would really appreciate it.

On plant Monstera deliciosa



hi, this sounds like it has got too dry. is it all the leaves or just the oldest? if it is just the odd one then that is due to it dieing of 'old age'. just carefully remove it. give it a good feed and mist the leaves regularly to help it along too.

7 Aug, 2009


Thanks for your reply and interest. The soil has moist/ wet all along and its the second leaf to the new leaf. The plants are watered regularly and at relevant intervals, say if it rained heavily today than I would wait 10 days or more before considering watering. The humidity is over 80 percent over here too. Can you please help me.

Thank you very much for you interest,

7 Aug, 2009


well thats put paid to my thoughts. is it brown round the edges or brown spots or brown all over? brown edges may be due to sun scorch. other than ruling out fungal infections i dont know what to suggest.

8 Aug, 2009


Thanks for the reply. The browning is only on the yellow variegated part of the leaf, the green part is just fine. It starts a little spot and ultimately consumes the whole variegated yellow part of the leaf. I would have to say that you are most probably right, the leaf being young succumbs to direct sun light now matter how short the duration maybe. One other aspect could be the fact the Aeriel root broke a little and I put it in a pot so maybe the direct water from that soil could have done that. This sounds far fetched, what do you think?

Thanks alot for the input and info and have a great weekend.


8 Aug, 2009

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