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Can I prune my Cotoneaster Lacteus hedge back to bare wood and willit regenerate if so how long would it take.

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Littleborough near Rochdale
Once the blossom starts forming I prune it to leave the blossom on. Then when the blossom starts falling and the bees have finished I use a hedge trimmer to keep it tidy. Although it is a beautifulI hedge especially when the blossom is in full bloom (the bees love it) I would like to cut it, so that it is lower and narrower as I'm nearly 69 and
finding it a bit hazardous cutting the top.
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It looks as though it keeps you busy. Cut it down at the end of the winter. You don't want to leave it bare for too long, it should recover in the spring with new growth.

8 Aug, 2009


Looks fab though - agree with doctorbob

8 Aug, 2009


Super hedge, good luck with the trimming

9 Aug, 2009

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