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Can a Black tulip magnolia be grown in a pot?


By Bootlui

United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone. I recently bought a black tulip magnolia its is about 3ft tall. I understand that this is a tree but was wondering if it is possible to grow in a pot and of what dimensions?
Also if anyone had any idea when i could expect bloom its august now and the plant must be about 2/3 years old. The leaves are a light green colour and medium sized
Any other tips on how often to water where to plant or pot would all be appreciated. We have room to plant it in sunny areas or sheltered areas, we live near London so the weather can be fairly cold but we dont get too much snow or frost.



It would be ok in a decent sized pot, as big as you can manage, but as its a large shrub/tree, eventually it wouldn't want to be in a pot and begin to look sad and start to die off.

Plenty of food and water in general is the key and dont let it dry out as it will quicker in a pot compared to in the ground.
They take along time before they flower so it may be another 3, 5, or more years before you get any.

11 Aug, 2009


i grew 'susan' in quite a large pot but she became very pot bound and stopped flowering as a result. i have only just put it in the ground this summer.

11 Aug, 2009


thank you for your help just to clarify if i was to grow it in a pot for a while how big dimension wise would the pot need to be. Also do they need direct sunlight as well as a lot of watering. The black tulips were fairly expensive and i want to get the most out of them

11 Aug, 2009


the biggest pot you can afford really. mine was in a 18" diam stoneware pot and it got too cramped in 7 yrs. i kept mine in semi shade and watered if it was dry or no rain for 5 days or very windy.

11 Aug, 2009


Thank you for all the advice. I just wanted to add that after all of that we decided just to plant the tree in the ground . Seeing as our garden is quite big so no real need to plant it in a pot . It's doing quite well though quite a bit bigger now

Thanks for the help

2 Jun, 2011

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