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My first year growing things - well trying anyway!
I've planted onions & was advised & read that I should pull them up when they started to look yellow & flop over. I've been having a neighbour cat issue recently - cats using my little raised bed as a little tray! so coupled with that & the fact that the stems of the onions looked yellow & floppy - I pulled them up. Now I realise it was too early! Some haven't even got the brown skin on yet! Can I use these or should they be filed in the bin? Also are there any late varieties of onions/garlic/chilli's I could start to grow now as I've just acquired a new greenhouse?
many thanks

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Lay your onions out somewhere cool and dry and allow them to dry off completely, we used to put our on mesh raised up from the ground. Once dry they will keep until about Christmas, use any wide necked ones first as they are more likely to rot.

11 Aug, 2009


After the wide necked one I would move onto the smaller ones as they will not store as well as the larger ones.

11 Aug, 2009

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