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Runner beans

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I have lots of leaves and white flowers on the runner beans, but no beans. The flowers just die. Why is this? We have had an exceptionally hot summer, but have a water drip to these plants.



This seems to be a constantly recurring theme this year. I'm fortunate in that I haven't had the same problem. It sounds very much as if your beans have not been pollinated, possibly due to the declining bee population in recent years. Misting the flowers in the morning and again in the evening should help your beans to set. This may sound silly, but normal rainfall is too wet to do the job. The flowers need the fine droplets of the mist spray to shift the pollen, in the absence of bees.

12 Aug, 2009


Thank you Bigbumblebee. I guess this makes sense about the pollinating. We live in a hot dry area in Canada. Will give the misting a try.

13 Aug, 2009


Good news, we finally have some beans growing. We did mist them as you suggested. Thank you for your feedback.
Better late than never!!!! :)

4 Sep, 2009

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