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What is this? I assume its a Fuchsia

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

This lovely plant is growing wild near my garden, the leaves look very much like a fuchsia and would love to know more about it, does anyone have any ideas? It is a lovely pink and the inside of the flower base is a golden yellow.




Its Phygelius - can't see the inner throats of the flowers, so am not sure which one it is.

12 Aug, 2009


Wow, thanks Bamboo. I will have to do some digging around on the net and let everyone know exactly which one it is. It is stunning.

12 Aug, 2009


It is
" Phygelius x rectus 'Winchester Fanfare "

12 Aug, 2009


or it could be 'Raspberry Swirl'?
Just when I thought I had it sorted

12 Aug, 2009


Well, call it one or the other - it doesn't really matter and you might see the exact same one next time you're at the garden centre, and then you'll know for sure! You treat them all the same anyway, whichever variety.

13 Aug, 2009

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